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multimono dictionary
100% Design Tokyo. TDW 2010 (10.02) 
3rd-Nov-2010 05:57 pm

TOKYO DESINGERS WEEK is celebrating its 25th anniversary since it was launched as a design event that brings together variety of design. The theme from this year is “Environment.”

The entrance is constructed of containers filled with installations by both designers and companies. The corridor looks much better being lighted up at night.

Fujitsu is one of the most popular containers. The company represented new technologies (? May be just techniques?). Whatever it was everybody seemed to be impressed.

There was even IKEA container. They gave away a souvenir bag, which came in handy to collect catalogs, name cards, etc. during the exhibition.

Young Belgian designers have won a competition to participate in TDW. Their installation was very simple.

Some installations I didn`t really get. Some I didn`t want to enter to check.


Students` exhibition was held outside around the Dome Tent. Only VIP could enter to participate at the conference. Important people talked about important stuff. Unfortunately, I wasn`t VIP, so I missed the best part of the whole event.

My dear Kyoto Institute of Technology was represented. However I couldn`t find any students around. Alone till the end :(

2 big tents promoted premier designers, companies and shops. At the entrance there were few chairs (?) by Thomas Hethearwick.

I enjoyed them a lot (just like everybody else).


I had no idea about Canadian wood, but now I have five.


Five famous Canadian designers had a funny seminar.

Definitely there were a lot of new original designs having some environmental goal. However I have noticed (my personal “hooray!”) that many of them had some new arrangements of functions, multiple ways of usage and other “multimono” characteristics.









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