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23rd-Jun-2012 07:33 pm - A`award exhibition and Gala-night.
A`design award exhibition
A`design award is a new international competition with multiple nominations. There are few options which are especially attractive to designers. First of all, any design - from 3d model to final product - can be nominated. Also the products should not be necessarily absolutely new - there is no problem if they had been exhibited or awarded before - there are no specific limitations. So generally, anyone can nominate any own design or all of them.
The exhibition of 2011-2012 winning designs is taking place now - 2 weeks from June 17th in Como, Italy (near MIlan). A beautiful exposition space just next to Duomo di Como was full of designers from all over the world on the opening evening.

Most winning designs were presented by posters prepared by organizers. But there were also prototypes. I brought my Quadro Qusabi Shelving System (shortly QQ) with me. It was proudly standing just in front of the entrance. I was very happy about the positive reaction of many visitors. 

A day before the exhibition (June, 16th) a Gala-Night took place at the gorgeous Villa Gallia on lake Como. All guests dressed beautifully for the event. The ceremony took quite a long time. A lot of winners came to receive their awards here. There was a dinner and drinks after that. There were slight problems with organization of the event, but I guess everybody was happy just to be in such nice place and meet all these new interesting friends.

more photos and information
A' Design Award & Competition
A' Design Award and Competition

23rd-May-2012 07:20 pm - Moving boxes shelving

Collection: City, moving boxes shelving

Usually to place magazines, files or paper-cases on the shelves we use special dividers or holders. The main idea of this shelving - to use the boxes, which are functional themselves, as the holders or dividers. 
Each box has the double upper side, hanged to the shelf and slides on it. The number and location of boxes are defined by the customer. Except the practicality, such boxes can change the space under the owner's order, style and taste.


Коллекция сидений от d-vision (Интернет-журнал ETODAY)

Великолепная коллекция, представленная и созданная студией израильского дизайна d-vision - Soft Comfort Seating Collection. Это серия разнотипных сидений, которые расширяют наши границы представлений о комфорте.

Коллекция сидений от d-vision

The cat furniture craze seems to have hit all-time highs, but many of the designs simply try too hard to
accommodate feline friends without serving any secondary purpose.
Cat Library: Modular Stacking Bookcase for Fans of Felines | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

Оригинал взят у bios_people в Вроде шкаф, как шкаф. Jakob Jørgensen

Так я и не пойму, как он устроен, в техническом плане 
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25th-Dec-2011 10:14 am(no subject)

Выставка по итогам первого этапа проекта Пермского центра
развития дизайна «Пермская мебель».
Проходит в мебельном центре по адресу Орджоникидзе 95 г, 4 этаж
+ 30 photo, txt

© mio_photo Алексей Гущин
10th-Nov-2011 12:02 am - The results of TDWA.
Tokyo design week is finished. That was my first exhibition. Quadro Qusabi shelving system is a result of my research and I kinda like it...
I wish there were many buyers standing in a row, wishing to pay me the best price for my product...  I really hope they will soon. However I am satisfied with exhibition results anyway.
Everyday I was taking video and showed it the next day to explain how assembling process works. I cut it few times shorter and put to music. The first part is tuned by Sviridov "Time, forward". The melody was made for a movie about industrial progress, which was about the same time when the Russian artists like Rodchenko and Malevich became famous.
I dance some ballet in the second part. The music is a classic part from Chaikovskiy "Swan Lake".
I think the video is funny, so I hope everybody will enjoy it.

2nd-Nov-2011 11:36 pm - TDWA 2011. November 2.
Tokyo Designers Week 2011 takes place at Meiji Gaien. There are student exhibition, containers installations, cafe and a lot of different stuff outside. The weather  is great and it is a pity I cant spend more time there as I am busy in my booth.

At the entrance canadian designers present their products. On the photo one of the designers himself. I like his playful furniture a lot. It is truly unique and he is a very nice person as well. I got a signed plastic apple as a gift. Last year we had a nice talk as well.

There are many booths, where designers (just as myself) introduce their work.

I really liked designers from Dubai. I find their furniture both modern and charmingly traditional.

Yesterday I managed to take a photo of all of them in traditional wear after some kind of event which I unfortunately missed.

There are a lot of exhibits which need some kind of explanation.

On the other hand.... why? why explain? may be it is better just to appreciate the beauty of modern art without any understanding what it is about ?

I took some short runs outside to take sunbathes. At night everything looked differently. It was quite cold, however there was some live music and probably  a lot of fun.
1st-Oct-2011 09:44 am - Toolstair

Изящный концепт от китайских дизайнеров Taehyung Kim, Chanhee Han, Junyoung Jang & Wonmo Yang - совмещение лестницы и шкафа с ящиками.

Конструкция Toolstair мало того что удобна и функциональна, но к тому же гармонично вписывается в интерьер. Гораздо выгоднее смотрится чем обычная стремянка.

29th-Aug-2011 09:10 pm - GET OUT! COOL BAR BY KETER
Get Out! Cool Bar by Keter | Design Milk

Get Out! Cool Bar by Keter
Keter‘s Cool Bar is a twofer. You know what that is, right? Two fer the price of one. Not only is it an outdoor table (that adjusts in height from coffee table to bar table), but it’s a bar, too! It keeps extra drinks nice and cold thanks to a cute little cubby located underneath the tabletop.
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